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Vancouver REALTORS® with Team 3000 Realty. We are selling and buying real estate properties in Metro Vancouver areas since 1991. Our team helps sellers to sell their houses for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. We help buyers to buy their new homes for the best possible price and conditions. We provide obligation FREE Real Estate services and FREE MLS® listings information.

Homeowners, find out What is Your Home Worth with our Market Snapshot. Obligation FREE online market evaluation.

Buyers GET the hottest MLS® listings 2-4 days before they show on MLS® for the public. Our FREE VOW (Virtual Office Website) service will help you create your own Personal Search on the Multiple Listing Service® MLS®, the same system that is available to REALTORS®. Your personalized search will be updated in real time. In other words, if there are any new listings or price changes you will be the first to know… via e-mail. Track sales and off-market listings. Organize your favorite listings, print them or e-mail them to your friends. FREE Real Estate buying and selling tips and reports. Buyers and Sellers Video guides. Valuable local community information.

Your referrals are greatly appreciated and very well rewarded. For information on how to earn $500.00* or more visit our “Referral Program” page.

Sellers Guaranteed Programs

1. If we can’t bring you an offer for our guaranteed price in 90 days, we’ll SELL your property for FREE. You will only pay the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)

2. If another REALTOR® or Brokerage offers you a more comprehensive marketing program, we’ll SELL your property for FREE. You will only pay the buyer’s agent portion of the commission.*(Conditions apply)

3. ANY BUYERS in your area, will know that your property is for sale. Thanks to our Referral Fee incentive programthe rest of the public, will be encouraged to recommend your property to friends, relatives or colleagues.

4. At ANY TIME during the listing agreement, on your request, we can CANCEL it. No questions asked.

To Find out more about Our Unique 237 step-by-step Comprehensive Marketing Plan go to Our Marketing Plan

VIP Buyers Guaranteed Programs

1. If within one year, you are not happy with the purchased property, we’ll SELL IT FOR FREE. You pay only the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)
2. If we don’t SAVE you at least 1% on your home purchase price, on completion date we’ll pay you back 10% of our net commission* (Conditions apply)
3. Our services are COST FREE for you. Our commissions are paid by the sellers.

To find out how you benefit from our Buyers FREE Real Estate services, go to FREE Buyers Services

Enjoy this obligation-free information about the hottest Vancouver MLS® listingsPrivate Client Services “PCS” MLS® search Sample. Thank you in advance for emailing this page to friends and colleagues and sharing it on your favourite social media networks. Let your friends benefit from using very experienced North West Vancouver REALTORS®. Please use the “share” buttons at the bottom of this page.

Working with buyers since 1985, we strongly believe that our job is to make you familiar with the home buying process and to provide you with the real estate and financial information and support you need to make your own informed decision. We listen to our buyers and respect their needs and feelings. We will negotiate very strongly to get you the best possible price. Then we will assist you through the whole buying process of inspecting your home, obtaining and reviewing the important documents, scheduling the closing events, helping you find lawyers and arrange for a new house insurance policy until you move into your new home. In addition, we can help you find the best possible mortgage to finance the purchase of your home. Our services are free for the buyers. We get paid by the sellers.

When we sell properties our objectives are to get the highest possible price for the shortest period of time. We achieve our goals by presenting the property to all qualified buyers interested in the neighbourhood. Most North and West Vancouver REALTORS® are using passive marketing tools like MLS®, Internet, Newspapers, Open Houses and For Sale Signs to advertise and sell their listings. They are waiting for “maybe” buyers to call, walk into an open house or for other Realtors to bring their buyers. Passive marketing is limited in finding THE RIGHT BUYER  willing to pay top price for your property. We have developed an ultimate 237 steps active marketing plan using targeted advertising, including the most popular real estate websites and social media networks and contacting all qualified buyers. In addition, we involve our referral network members to work for you, by offering referral fees for recommending buyers who will purchase your property.

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We are confident that this “VIP-only” access to the hottest Vancouver MLS® listings and resources will empower you with the knowledge to make solid, timely and profitable financial decisions. Sell fast and for top dollar! Find your dream home at the best possible price! Get started now!

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