Vancouver New Homes and Condos Developments


Vancouver New Homes and Condos Developments

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WARNING: Buying a new house or a condo from the developer’s sales office is always very exciting but if you are not very familiar with the whole process, it might cost you THOUSANDS of $$$ and many legal problems. Remember that the new development sale offices are established by the developer and the agents working there are hired by the Developer to protect his interests. Not all salespeople working in these offices are REALTORS® bonded by the real estate responsibilities, rules and etiquette. All contractual documents you have to sign are prepared by the developers lawyers to protect his interests as well.

The good news is that any of this mistakes can be avoided if you are presented by a REALTOR® experienced in purchasing new development properties. Experienced REALTOR® can give you the best advice and protect your interests. Our simple advice is – DO NOT visit a new development sale centre without a REALTOR® you trust.

Please before you click on the link below, click on this next link to read the whole article about  “How to avoid 10 Mistakes When Buying a Home From a Developer”.

Below is a link to new developments in Vancouver area. For a full access to all new developments in the whole Vancouver Lower Mainland area, fill the application form on this page. In the “Notes” field include code “new developments”. Alternatively, you can send us a text message or SMS to 604-202-1412 with your name, phone number and email address and a code “new developments”

Vancouver New Homes and Condos Developments

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2. If we don’t SAVE you at least 1% on your home purchase price, on completion date we’ll pay you back 10% of our net commission* (Conditions apply)
3. Our services are COST FREE for you. Our commissions are paid by the sellers.
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