Get the hottest Buyers MLS listings in Vancouver, the moment they hit the market. Vancouver real estate properties for sale. Houses, apartments, luxury and waterfront, new homes, building lots, fixer uppers, investment properties, foreclosures, court order, bank distress and estate sales.

Buyers MLS listings


Buyers MLS listings

Buyers MLS listings of Vancouver Real Estate Properties
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WARNING! The provided information is very comprehensive, but it DOES NOT include any registered title deficiencies or charges that might affect the future use of the properties. To find out about any registered easements, liens, electric and gas companies right of ways, encroachments, restrictive covenants, waterfront leases, building orders, legal notifications, latent defects, riparian and heritage limitations, previous marijuana grow-op and meth lab operations, vermiculite/asbestos, underground oil tanks, peat bogs, floodplain and landslide areas, leaky condos, approved or upcoming strata special assessments and levies, feel free to contact us and we will research and provide the relevant information to you. This can save you $$$-THOUSANDS-$$$

If you are interested to view a few properties, contact us to schedule the appointments at your most convenient time and day. Then you can benefit from our experience and strong negotiating skills to get you the lowest possible price at the best terms and conditions. As a buyer, all benefits, services and $$$Savings are FREE for you. We get our commission from the seller.

Get the hottest Buyers MLS listings in Vancouver, emailed to you directly from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver MLS database as soon as they hit the market. Just check your email and be the first one, even before your Realtor, to know about the hottest Vancouver properties matching your specific criteria and location in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas. Do not waste your time searching public websites like  for MLS listings, just to find out that they have an accepted offer or have been sold.

The full Buyers MLS listings information, the way Realtors can see it ( foreclosures, court order, distress and estate sales, home plans, lot size, rooms dimensions, additional photos and video tours, maps with bird eye and street view, taxes and properties assessment, maintenance fees, rental restrictions, Open houses, Realtor contact information ) will be delivered directly into your private webpage. In addition, when a property sells, you will receive information about the actual selling price of the property. Soon you will become a savvy buyer.

Please fill the request form on this page to get VIP insider access to the hottest Buyers MLS listings in Vancouver, to all brochures, guides and reports of your choice. In the “Notes” box include a code “vip access”. If you have any specific requests, type them in the “Notes” box as well.

Alternatively, you can send us a voice or a text message to 604-202-1412 with your name, email address, phone number and a code “vip access”

To create your own Private Buyers MLS listings access – featuring just the listings you want to see visit our Buyers MLS listings Your own Search page.

– Create your own Personal Search on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), the same system that is available to REALTORS®
– Your personalized search will be updated in real time. In other words, if there are any new listings or price changes you will be the first to know… via e-mail.
– Track sales and off-market listings.
– Organize your favourite listings, print them or e-mail them to your friends.

See the full set of screenshots for Private Client Services Buyers MLS listings search at Flickr flickr

Since 1991 when working with buyers, we strongly believe that our job is to make you familiar with the home buying process and to provide you with the real estate and financial information you need to make your own informed decision. We listen to our buyers and respect their needs and feelings. We will negotiate very strongly to get you the best possible price. Then we will assist you through the whole buying process of inspecting your home, obtaining and reviewing the important documents, scheduling the closing events, helping you find lawyers and arrange for a new house insurance policy until you move into your new home. In addition, we can help you find the best possible mortgage to finance the purchase of your home. Our services are free for the buyers. We get paid by the sellers.

We have prepared a complete Buyers’ guide and many others brochures, insider reports and short video guides, that will answer most of your questions and will make you familiar with what is down the road. Visit our “Brochures and Guides”  and “Buyers Short Video Guides”  pages to view all available insider reports.

To start receiving MLS® listings customized for you, fill the submission form on this page. In the “Notes” box try to describe your most important search criteria. Price range, Municipalities and neighbourhoods/subareas, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, basement with mortgage helper, 1-2-3 levels, the age of the building, total floor area, family room, recreation room or any other features.

What is the amount of mortgage the banks will qualify you for? Use the mortgage calculator below. If you have a permanent job in Vancouver and a good credit report, you might be able to purchase properties with only 5% down payment. If you have moved to Vancouver recently and you don’t have a permanent employment, most banks will require 30% to 35% down payment. Another financial qualification is that your combined gross monthly income, before the taxes, has to be at least 3 times the amount of your monthly mortgage payments. For example if your monthly mortgage payments are $2,000, then your combined gross income per month has to be at least $6,000/month ($2,000 X 3 = $6,000).

If you are thinking of selling your property as well and you want to know the actual recent sales in your neighbourhood go to our Free Market Snapshot page.

VIP Buyers Guaranteed Programs

1. If within one year, you are not happy with the purchased property, we’ll SELL IT FOR FREE. You pay only the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)
2. If we don’t SAVE you at least 1% on your home purchase price, on completion date we’ll pay you back 10% of our net commission* (Conditions apply)
3. Our services are COST FREE for you. Our commissions are paid by the sellers.

To find out how you benefit from our Buyers FREE Real Estate services, go to FREE Buyers Services

Your referrals are greatly appreciated and very well rewarded. For information on how to earn $500.00* or more visit our “Referral Program” page.

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